One day I will catch you.

Been chasing you for days, sings Crooked Hands vocalist Christopher Brown at the beginning of the band’s haunting debut single Under. The main melody, an atmospheric piano tune, keeps the song well-anchored to the ground and fills it with beautiful, catchy harmonies as the vocals and reverberating guitars shoot off into the sky. This is a track about desperate longing, about the kind of love that is so ethereal, it slips through your fingers; in the same way, his voice feels at times incredibly far away, as if it moved in and out of cracks.

The video only reinforces this embarrassingly personal approach to a relationship, as an absurd tragedy unfolds in the middle of rail road tracks.

But mark my words
One day I will catch you


Drawing inspiration from bands such as City & Colour and Bon Iver, the band from Newcastle will releaseĀ Under digitally, along with b-side Escapism, on February 4th 2013; you can pre-order the single on bandcamp.

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