Too many moles, too many knives

A little over a month ago, I headed to Prague on a very short and very sweet bus trip. I had not been there for a few years and if there was one thing I had forgotten about it, it was the curious popularity of the little mole Krtek, which I vaguely remembered from my childhood somehow.


This little mole has about as big a following in the Czech republic as local band Charlie Straight, who played at Waves Festival in Autumn last year and who I got to see in their own ‘habitat’, so to say, among a huge crowd of delighted fans in Prague in December. One of them appears to have collected old footage from the 1982 episode of Krtek ve meste, put together to the music of Charlie Straight‘s ballad Too Many Knives (from their new album Someone With A Slow Heartbeat), in the cute little video above.


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