A Shark and an Apple

Surely, unless you’ve been following the good kids of Vienna-based band Sex Jams or the label Siluh, you have no idea what sharks and apples could have in common. Apart from the fact that apparently both are quite delicious (or so an Icelandic would say, I never dared tasting shark), SHARK VS. APPLE is the new single taken from noisy fuzz-pop extraordinaire Sex Jams‘ upcoming record Trouble, Honey (set for release on March 1st).

Between sweaty gig and house party, this new video perfectly captures the mood at a typical Jams show, complete with dancing, wild mosh-pits and the explosive and distinctive styles of both front woman Katharina Trenk and guitarist Wolfgang Möstl (Mile Me Deaf), lashing out into a wonderful duet à la Sonic Youth.

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