The North is calling.

In the last couple of years, Scandinavian artists have emerged in the European music scene, numerous as weeds in an abandoned garden, apparently with the sole purpose of showering us with heavily nostalgic tracks. In the case of Copenhagen-based Broken Twin, this is done in a very minimalistic fashion, with sparse and graceful piano melodies, fragile vocals reminiscent of Feist, and self-reflective lyrics. Her track Out Of Air, from her EP Hold On To Nothing, quite simply leaves one shattered and gasping for breath.

Swedish Sailor & I finds himself in the aftermath of a broken relationship too, though on the other end of the melancholy spectrum with a more layered sound consisting of strings that give his track Tough Love a feeling of urgency and echoed vocals, a rumbling and bitter anthem that escalates madly to then suddenly fade to black.

For all Vienna-bound people by the way, Broken Twin will be playing at Spot On Denmark with Rangleklods and the Eclectic Moniker on February 1st.

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