Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

With the temperatures over here dropping dramatically, it’s difficult to imagine a cosy place that isn’t near a camp fire or a radiator; I’ve already quite forgotten about the comfortable warmth of early Autumn dusk and yet, this Ice Cream session in a backyard, courtesy of Tune Parade, manages to bring back some memories of lovely summer evenings spent among friends. The following video is a succession of material with a vintage, low-key vibe to it alternating scenes of people chatting with each other before the session, with others from a truly beautiful performance by Californian Irvin Dally in that very same backyard.

Here Irvin Dally performs on the guitar a more stripped-down, nostalgic and almost heartbreaking version of Bob Dylan‘s piano-lead Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You. He manages to render the song in a very special and unpretentious way, raw and unplugged, with vocal feats comparable to Jeff Buckley‘s falsetto in his famous live performances. With eyes closed, everything in the hushed melodies and the chorus progressively rising in volume and tone could take each listener back to a magic evening sometime in the early 90s, in a half-empty  Sin-É..

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