girl’s favorite songs of the month (february)

first part of what I hope will be a regular monthly post on this blog.

The Appleseed Cast: Fight Song
(post-rock; this gorgeous song feels like it was written for the minutes that come before a storm. It makes me want to jump off a cliff – in a good way – just to feel the speed and the wind.)

Asobi Seksu: Thursday
(shoegaze-pop; the voice is dreamy and you want to sing along SO bad.)

Cats on Fire: I am the White-Mantled King
(pop; the voice is deep and really sexy and reminds me of Morissey, the tune is catchy, and this song is kind of sad, in a loud indie-pop kind of way.)

Cat Stevens: Don’t Be Shy
(folk; I guess this is partly because I love Harold&Maude so much and I always have to think of the movie when I hear this song – but anyway, it’s cute and radio-friendly.)

Death Cab For Cutie: We Looked Like Giants
(indie; growing up, snow and mountains, touching in a car. perfect.)

One Last Wish: My Better Half
(punk/melodic hardcore; I can safely say that this is one of the best songs ever written.)

Quicksand: So Down On
(post-hardcore; so old school!)

Scout Niblett: Kiss (feat. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)
(folk; I always feel like someone is ripping the heart out of my chest with this one.)

Winterkids: Tape It
(indie-pop; sounds like a hybrid of The Wombats and Bloc Party.)

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