A hymn to solitude

The band Olympic Swimmers, from Scotland, make a really nice, floaty, ethereal kind of dream pop. They’ve recently released their video for Knots, taken from their debut album No Flags Will Fly.

As the setting of Knots developed and unfolded, I got thinking about my own childhood and ways in which I played by myself and read books when I was a kid. The protagonist seems at times thoughtful and almost grown-up, at times carefree and childlike; I’m not quite sure if Knots is an overall reflection on childhood or some sort of bizarre hymn to solitude. Being alone, mind you, is completely different from being lonely, and as Oscar Wilde once stressed, it is important to be alone with one’s thoughts to grow as a person and to learn to define yourself. So here’s to solitude and drinking tea in a hidden lane tearoom and going grocery shopping by yourself and throwing breadcrumbs at birds: thank you, Olympic Swimmers.

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