Smile, Smile, Smile

Everyone who has met me will know the story by now: girl meets boy on a stage, falls in love with his music, and suggests they release something digitally. Fast forward to two years (and a lot of meetings) later and here it is. Smile, Stefan Galler‘s first digital single and a preview of the upcoming album War&Peace, is available for purchase from Wednesday on various download platforms, with artwork courtesy of yours truly. It’s a meditative track that takes the listener inside the meanders of the musician’s mind. The b-side Duties&Beauties, a gorgeous acoustic guitar & piano track about leaving things behind, is melancholy at its best.

Stefan will be playing tonight – a small single release party as well as his London show series kick-off – at Florian Horwath’s Greisslerei am Lidlberg. Be there!

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