Sharing is Caring: Diver’s London

I’ve already introduced the wonderful, troubadour-like local band Diver with a review of Kites at the beginning of the year; months have passed and the English capital has been crowded by Olympics fans coming from all over the world. These Austrian boys, however, stayed put and sang about London from afar in a town called Feldkirch where Nettworkers filmed the following video of the band strolling through the city.

Since there’s no smoke without fire and a video couldn’t possibly have been enough to promote themselves, the single release of London has been paired up with a b-side recorded in Feldkirch, which each Diver-lover can download at the amazing price of the Carebears’ slogan “Sharing is Caring”. Read: all you have to do is click here, stare in awe at the lovely London artwork, and then pay with a tweet or a post.

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