weekend sounds and hello cologne!

You know when you listen to the radio in the morning, half asleep, and there’s always some person who calls the station and wins something, and you think, “Gosh that’s never going to happen to me..?” Yeah, that’s me. My friend A, on the other hand, is always winning stuff. But the last two times I’ve entered a local radio competition online, I’ve won concert tickets. The first were for a Phantom/Ghost radio session, and it was already quite a surprise.. but the second time was even more surprising: a mini two-day trip to Cologne, and tickets to a Placebo gig. I am so very excited! It’s taking place in two weeks.
The weekend has been slow and sunny (though I do have a to do list that needs attending), with street festivals happening all around the city. First the Transporter Streetfest yesterday (with Good for Cows, Jeremy Kay and Vortex Rex playing at an open-air stage – quite a nice feeling to it, and it wasn’t too crowded. considering.) and then the Asian Quarter – apparently a recreation of a Chinatown of sorts, with art, music, and food. Then there’s the New York Street photography exhibition which I haven’t seen yet – on until tonight, whaa!

Too bad I’ve got:

1. my comic to finish
2. a video to finish editing (for tuesday the latest..)
3. two creative writing pieces to get done by tuesday
4. 2-3 emails that need urgent replying
5. mail and mixtapes to put together and send off to different parts of the world.. sucks to have friends who live far away

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