Laundromatic Shows

The lovely Luke Leighfield never really needed an introduction on this blog as I’ve been familiar with his music for almost three years now. With the release of his new album behind him, he has started a small tour taking him through some of mainland Europe, including Austria. So tonight is the night! He is currently on his way from Graz to Vienna and soon enough will arrive to a nifty location I’ve already written about: Waschsalon Högn, Vienna’s coolest laundromat which Robi Faustmann & friends have started to call home (and me too).


Luke’s music is earnest and catchy, so if you have no plans tonight, make sure to drop by the laundromat in Westbahnstrasse 60 around 7:30 tonight to hang out, have a drink, and hear Leighfield’s adorable accent as he tells silly jokes over his beloved keyboard. Or so. Entrance fee is, as usual, diy-style, meaning pay as much as you like: a bargain!


And when this world doesn’t make sense
It is you that I count on


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