Dark Parts

Yes, I’m one of those people who swooned when Put Your Back N 2 It came out, because it’s beautiful and delicate and a little different from Learning, a bit more complex, maybe, or easier to delve into.. Yesterday, this video for Dark Parts, one of my favorite tracks from the new Perfume Genius album, was released.

Dark Parts has nothing of a beautifully shot video like the previous single Hood – strangely enough, as it was directed by the same person; featuring his mother, it has the quality of a home movie. It’s familiar and warm and somewhat, somewhere, also a little angsty, like most of his music in fact. I get confused when finding out that musicians I really appreciate for their darkness and heavy moods turn out to be a little on the light, funny side; on the other hand it gives them a 3-dimensionality that’s quite lovely. I was reminded of this interview Mike did with Michael Stipe a couple of weeks back when watching this video, obviously because he discusses this song and his personal attachment to it, as well as the dualism in his Perfume Genius persona.

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