A List To Pass the Time

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately. Usually it’s song lists, but once in a while something else manages to sneak into my posts.

A documentary: One of my Kind – The Story of the Mystic Valley Band (I’ve been meaning to watch this, it’s meant to be really good)
A movie: No One Knows About Persian Cats (I really want to see it the second it comes out. Iran+Music.. This definitely can’t go wrong)
A Band: Grand Archives (because I saw them live two days ago, and I enjoyed the show very much)
A Website: Musical Family Tree (they have a lot of free music downloads from indie bands from (mostly) Indiana.. like Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s!)
A Magazine: Ether (a tiny little bit of self-promotion here. I’m starting a regular column in there next month!)
A Place: Venice, Italy (I’m sort of hoping I will be spending part of my summer there… partly also because the Biennale is on this year)
A Song: Don’t Die in Me by Mirah (I’ve already planned that I will be requesting it next week)
An Album: The Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion by dredg (I am quite enjoying it on second listen, it’s just a little bit ‘poppy’ – well, as poppy as dredg can get)

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