The Daylight

A couple of days ago, the rather good-looking (yes, I am a girl after all and he does look a little like Something Corporate‘s Andrew McMahon) musician Andrew Belle, hailing from Chicago, released his latest effort: an EP named The Daylight, quite fitting to this time of the year where sleepyheads stick their heads out of the blanket a little earlier because spring is coming and the veil of darkness that hovered above everyone appears to have been lifted. In spite of its beautiful cover artwork by Katie Moore featuring saturated clouds and nice typography, I’d overlooked this EP at the beginning of the year and rediscovered it when I came back yesterday from a rather relaxed weekend away from my daunting mailbox. The track Sky’s Still Blue is very, very reminiscent of (Speed Of Sound) Coldplay, mostly for the clear, Chris-Martin-like vocals escalating to a very melodic, easy-listening chorus. All Those Pretty Lights, has a more nostalgic feel to it – somewhat of an upbeat and yet still contemplative Joshua Radin. My personal favorite however, the title track, plays in a different league.


I’m to blame for this disaster
I’m repairing my heart for you
Oh and I should breathe a little bit softer
Oxygen reminds me I lost her


Whereas the other two are passably nice, a good listen on a sunny walk through the park with lyrics that are nothing special, The Daylight is both a bitter and lovely pop song. The truth is that, though you can never be prepared for how much something hurts when it breaks you can also never be prepared for how quickly it might stop hurting. Andrew Belle expresses it so well when he sings, “I’m letting go of reasons why / Welcome was the daylight that / Found where I was hiding, and / Fought the dark residing there”; as if it was really all about brooding first but eventually opening up your heart for some spring cleaning.

Andrew Belle – The Daylight

(As if that wasn’t enough, Andrew also has a food blog, which is awesome because food > most things.)


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