Korea, I Suppose

Well hello, 2012! I’ve been back from China for a little while now, where I had to battle a mean cold, strange looks in the subway for not looking Asian, and my inability to communicate. But rejoice world, for I am back on the blog with a million thoughts and news, some good new year’s resolutions (which shall not be revealed otherwise they don’t come true, kind of like wishes and shooting stars, right?), and music.

This said, speaking of Asia: guess who is currently on tour in Korea? Mr Arne-Johan Rauan, that’s who! Better known in the world of music as Bellman, the Norwegian, soulful pop musician I interviewed last year will be hitting the road this and next week for a couple of shows. Bellman‘s new single I Suppose, taken from his successful 2011 release The Curse, is now online for your listening, streaming, and downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

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