Soap, Skin, Space, and Boats

There are piles of boxes that lie unopened, on top of each other, in shelves in my parents’ house. Some full of letters and received postcards, others of little objects. One of those is a small black polished stone with an engraving of a jumping cow with a heart in its belly, which I got at a Hopi reservation about 18 years ago. I have bizarre, interlaced memories from that trip, one of the most eerie ones being little me facing a coyote at dawn by myself in the Death Valley; another being getting awfully excited at the sight of a “Beep-beep”, a roadrunner – though it was fundamentally smaller and less grand than the purple and blue, ostrich-like animal from the cartoon. Arizona was one of my favorite spots on our wild roadtrip around the USA, because a ten-year-old me found the native American culture, and everything similar, fascinating.

Earlier this week, this video from Soap & Skin for her new song Boat Turns Toward the Port surfaced; fans from around the world rejoiced because by the looks of it, Anja Plaschg will be releasing something new in 2012 (Narrow will be out on February 13th). But what does it have to do with my awkward memories from a trip many moons ago? This.

(The footage from the Soap&Skin video is more or less identical to the last scene in the movie – or shall we call it a visual poetic manifesto? – Koyaanisqatsi, a hymn to what nature gave us, with a title being a word which, translated from the Hopi language, means “unbalanced life”.)

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