caught in the winter forever

And it’s already December, and winter, with its constant greyish skies and darkness seeping in through the windows during mid-afternoon when nobody’s looking. Let’s face it – this will not be getting better anytime soon. So, what is more satisfying than drinking hot chocolate while enjoying a winter sampler fresh out of the mini50 records oven? Nothing, I say. (except maybe cinnamon rolls, which taste quite delicious)

The sampler is up as a pay-what-you-like download on bandcamp; it’s a wonderful selection of the releases we’ve heard from the Edinburgh-based one-man label throughout the year. It hits the nail right on the head by carefully selecting numbers that blend right into each other rather than throwing random tracks together for the sake of it, almost making the whole thing feel like a collaborative album, a collective project everyone has worked on together. My personal favorites are the Glacis track (it’s unbearably sad), The Kays Lavelle song December (which McMeeken actually happens to be fronting) and the lovely Bloodbridge by Graveyard Tapes (it makes me get goosebumps every time).

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