Living Room Songs

I can still recall the mesmerizing experience of seeing Ólafur Arnalds live, about three years ago; witnessing absolute quiet and concentration and feeling the audience hold their breath. At the beginning of this week, Ólafur started the project Living Room Songs where he invites – figurately – the public into his living room. Essentially, Ólafur will, for one week, record a song live and shoot a video of it, and post it all on his website, along with links to mp3s downloads of each track, in order to give every fan of his the possibility to ‘attend’ a concert. The videos so far are detailed and intimate, precise like his songs, and fleeting like those moments caught on camera.

Ólafur’s music is an invitation to stop for a moment and to really savour the present: a soundtrack to world contemplation, as if we were to leave ourselves behind to look at what we are from the outside. A physical release will also be available in the future, and can be pre-ordered here.

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