Waves Festival: Kick-Off Preview

When the radio went on this morning, I growled and grumbled and then remembered: today is Waves opening day! I’ve been looking forward to this for a good month, even more so in the last week after finding out that with my pass, I get to attend the wonderful opening concert of Soap&Skin, whom I have not seen live in a couple of years.

Waves is a brand new (can I call it a baby?) showcase&club festival, smack in the middle of the Viennese city center. I am not a clubbing kid and never have been, but the possibilities of taking over a couple of clubs for four-five days and having them full to the brim with DJs and renowned (and slightly less-renowned and upcoming) bands are endless. The joy of public transport and a home to come back to in the evening aside, this kind of festival gives one more freedom and doesn’t necessarily have to clash with one’s daily life (apart from being hungover at work the next day). My biggest concern with going to a ‘normal’ festival is usually the completely disrupted lifestyle, the need to adapt to festival food (bleah), and worst of all, being surrounded by drunk people constantly, which is why I tend to avoid Nova Rock and the like to steer towards smaller, more local showcases. Though Waves still offers some big names and is bound to be well-visited, it will probably have a different flair: more laid-back, more familiar maybe.

One of the highlights of today’s kick-off is bound to be EMA, former Gowns singer with a lullaby voice and (as I like to imagine her) stubborn and opinionated and wild. Not only am I thoroughly enjoying her record Past Life Martyred Saints but I heart a girl who can say “Do I hate Cali?  Nah.  But someone’s gotta rep the darkside of the zeitgeist.” Yes. Yes! I can’t wait to see her and her mad hair, I can’t wait to see a girl who is passionate and motivated as well as positively unresponsive (for lack of a better word…) and of course I can’t wait to hear those songs live, because if they are one bit as good as the Endless Nameless cover, I am going to heaven tonight. Frankly, I also can’t wait to spend five days without sleeping. There. I said it. Waves, here I come!

Waves Vienna Conference and Festival is organised by/works closely with The Gap, TBA, MICA, and Ink Music; it will take place in various locations from September 28th to October 2nd.

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