At the heart of Autumn

This summer seems to never end. Last week was cold (I grumpily wore a wool sweater for the first time since March) and everyone in my immediate proximity (him & her, for example) seemed to be getting sick. I thought I was doomed for The First Big Cold Of The Season so I got ready for the attack with Vitamin C, honey drops, and grapefruit. Clearly I was wrong, as autumn doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to arrive this year; and yet, with the start of this week I am in a midwestern emo sort of mood, dreamily awaiting quiet nights in, wanting to shake off the heat and madness of the summer, hoping to slow down for a bit. Closing my eyes just for a second, hands cupped around a mug of hot tea, the morning soundtracked by all these bands I’d forgotten about, which a random mention of Gang Of Four and this feature post suddenly brought back to memory.

[Julia: image courtesy of]

I’m forever thankful to whatever it was that made me discover the music of Julia years ago. I might even have had a song on a tape which has now disappeared somewhere; but this doesn’t matter at all, since a kind soul (in fact, the former bassist of Julia, Chad Haley) has made pretty much the whole discography of Julia available on for free download. I urge you to go there and get all those songs because they’re raw and beautiful.. I swooned when I saw this, and so my morning was full of Julia on repeat; and, later, of Red House Painters and American Football, Everton and Rika, everything my little autumnal heart could possibly desire.

[haiku url="" title="Julia - Our Last Song"]



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  • Hey, Tom here from GoldFlakePaint site. I put the Autumn feature together and just wanted to say I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for linking to it!

    I have never heard of Julia before so I’m off to investigate now.

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