Smells like Nirvana covers

One of my favorite memories related to Nirvana is being in a record store in London; it was my first time in that city and it must have been in 2000. I’d recently moved away from France and my English and German weren’t that good, but good enough for me to swoon over all of Nirvana’s albums in there when I saw them. O., the boy who was with me in that shop on that school trip and doomed to listening to me blabbering about Kurt Cobain was very geeky, geeky to the point of un-coolness (back then, geeks weren’t sexy, geeks are never sexy when you’re thirteen, they’re just geeks), but also sweeter than candy, and so, pretending to have forgotten his wallet in there after we left, he ran back as I waited out on the street. That night – incidentally, it was around Valentine’s Day – I found a copy of Incesticide under my pillow; how it got there, I have no idea, all I know is that I still have, somewhere, a cd with the phrase “I <3 U” scribbled in biro on the left hand side of that pea green, Kurdt-Cobain-designed cover.

At the end of the month, Nevermind will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Twenty years! I hardly ever listen to it now, but sometimes it feels good to hear songs like In Bloom or Polly and know – and feel! – that some albums will never die. Naturally, with that anniversary coming close, Nirvana song covers are blooming everywhere. One of the least recognisable ones, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Heinali and Matt Finney, uses the famous chorus lines faintly in the background under heavy drums, almost as an echo. As per usual in their work, the lyrics aren’t sung, they’re whispered; not every Nirvana fan will like it, but it is an unusual twist on a song which often seems to lose all meaning through its universality.

and, just because I don’t want to go easy on your ears and because I dreamt of this video last night (incidentally I have to ask myself WHY on earth I’d ever dream of something like that…) here’s EMA‘s version of Endless Nameless. Here’s to you, Kurdt.

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