Rabbits on the Horizon.

Though some months ago I caught up with the mastermind of Danish SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE in an interview for the 405, I didn’t actually manage to ever see this rabbit-masked band live. I was astounded by their dreamy, hazy pop, which to me sounds like a soundtrack to a movie shot in outer space, and was eager to see how exactly that feeling would translate onto a stage. SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE have recently signed to Siluh Records – already home to some of my favorite local acts like Sweet Sweet Moon, Sex Jams, and Francis International Airport – and are now promoting their wonderful self-titled debut (out today!) throughout Europe. They will be making a little appearance in Vienna next week, on September 5th, at B72.

Be there! because I surely will be; we could hang out, and wear bunny masks, and hum along to Ten Feet Up. Here’s the song, so you can practice.

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