Ugly but Honest.

I’ve often wondered why people fear honesty so much; I have yet to meet someone who can embrace a painful truth. The problem with truths is that they can’t be undone. Whereas lies can be twisted, pulled apart and back together again, fading into greys, truths are often absolute, and being a person at the antipodes of rationality, I can understand when people prefer the art of fiction to the mathematics of fact.

When I met Mat Brooke of Grand Archives (it feels like a million years ago), he wrote for me on a poster, above his signature, “UGLY BUT HONEST” in capital letters, because he knew how much I loved Carissa’s Wierd. I look at it from time to time, realising what was at the core of that band and their music, as well as of Jenn Ghetto‘s solo work: nothing is too bad to be said out loud. Honesty always wins, or at least it should. And if it happens to be ugly, then let it be; at the end of the day, maybe building anything on something shaky like lies serves nothing. And yet, there’s nothing more scary than facing the truth and losing a little bit of your faith in people, or in life, or in integrity, or in love; there’s nothing more absurd than desperately longing for all the honesty you can get, even when you know it will hurt like hell.


learn to lose a lot from love
learn to try and try again

- S: “this is love”


Everyone, at least once in their life, will feel like the ground is giving way under their feet. Like the perspectives of the world have changed, like views have shifted from three- to two- or four-dimensional; that something is distorted, like a Dali painting, that something isn’t quite right. And I haven’t got the answers for what to do when that happens; in fact, I feel I haven’t got any answers at all anymore. But I know that if there’s one thing I will never regret, it’s always asking for the truth, and never settling for anything less.

Carissa’s Wierd‘s new single Meredith & Iris is out on September 13th; you can pre-order it, and all their back catalogue, here.

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