Tiger Lou @ B72

There’s a Copeland album called Eat, Sleep, Repeat. If they were a post-rock art-band, they would turn it into a concept album with a lot of dreamy intense atmospheres and loops (see dredg), and it would perfectly express the mood of the last days, where eating and sleeping were luxury and not necessities and where the rest of the day was spent going from uni to work to coffee houses to gigs and then back again.
My story with Tiger Lou starts with Sam, as in Samantha and ends with my enjoying A Partial Print quite a bit. Last night they were supposed to be just another stop – I couldn’t resist the thrill of going to yet another show. Mine was pure curiosity and nothing that comes even close to the realm of fandom; even so, I was happily surprised by their performance. I expected something a little quieter, and I surely didn’t think I would have to protect my ribs from being elbowed by a bunch of raging groupies; but the energy was wonderful and for a moment I forgot that I would be black and blue the following day (kind of had to think of that Chairlift song, Bruises). Rock’n'Roll.
I also developed a massive crush on one of the guys from the opening band, Muxika 77 – who by the way were really quite awesome – and that might be because he 1) reminded me of my good friend Eirik (Wintermare guitarist) 2) was swedish and 3) had a beard. (see what happened at the scraps of tape gig)

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