hello? saferide?

I discovered Annika’s music a few months ago. Her music is comforting, it’s heartbreaking, it’s cute. She doesn’t use metaphores, she says things straight out. In 3 minutes, she builds webs of invisible connections through characters – people who have a real, real life.
When I listen to Hello Saferide, I turn into a mid-twenties semi-insecure, quiet girl..and the second I look in the mirror, and think I’ve figured myself out, I change my mind again.

Introducing… starts off like an acoustic demo, counting to four in her mother tongue – swedish. You imagine a couch, a girl with a guitar, influences of soul music and a lot of snow in her childhood. My Best Friend is more folk-y than the starting track, her voice is clearer but more childish, like she’s decided to be strong but she can’t pretend to be a grown-up anymore – she’s puzzled but not too concerned. If I Don’t Write This Song, Someone I Love Will Die is one of my favorite tracks: it breaks into this little catchy-pop tune on the chorus and stays upbeat all along. There’s also Highschool Stalker:
handclaps and quiet happiness..
Dear girls, remember that boy you were so unsure about? doesn’t this sound familiar?

Can we go out together?
Can we make out and pretend it’s all there?
Cause you know, I’ve been waiting for
something that hasn’t come through
But it might come along soon
And until that, you will do

so, definitely an album to check out if you’re into this lo-fi, indie scandinavian folk that seems to be so in lately..

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