(hello) cloud mountain

It’s definitely not the right time of the year to listen to sleepmakeswaves; but apart from the fact that today is unbearably slow and incredibly grey (weather-wise) and that post-rock helps me concentrate when I need to do an insane amount of writing, I couldn’t pass up the occasion to offer everyone a gorgeously beautiful (and free!) track today, especially if, like me, you live in Vienna and are expecting a weekend full of rain and thunderstorms ahead.

Steering away from more conventional instrumental rock schemes and parading in a world of glittering quiet pop, Australian sleepmakeswaves have released the first single to their debut album …and so we destroyed everything – out on July 21st. (hello) cloud mountain holds hands with both post-rock and folk-pop alike, momentarily letting go of the post-metal influences that were evident on an EP like In Today Already Walks Tomorrow. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also rumours of a collaboration/split with someone very special from one of my favorite discoveries of last year, but I’ll have to keep my mouth shut for now. Trust me though – that secret won’t disappoint.

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