A Mysterious Live Power.

You might have heard the news that I did a tiny bit of band-merch-designing in the last couple of weeks (if you haven’t you were probably hiding under a rock or in a cabin deep in the woods in Michigan with Justin Vernon); said band, namely Ezra Furman & the Harpoons, I’d already had the chance to see last year at Acoustic Lakeside and since I’d found them truly lovely, when I found out a design of mine would be displayed on the front of their new shirts, I did a little joy dance. And last week, I got to pick up a couple of these shirts personally at the band’s show in the Viennese Flex.

The band frontman Ezra appears much younger on stage than he does in their press shots; sporting a t-shirt and a vest as well as sunglasses, which he puts on and takes off throughout the show, it’s hard to imagine than he’s anything more than the boy next door, the kind who has a crush on Kirsten Dunst and doesn’t turn his back on love – or, to borrow some of his words, who is “nothing but a boy in his room”. For a little over an hour, his and his Harpoons’ fantastic enthusiasm and silly sense of humor get the crowd cheering and smiling. Ezra Furman & the Harpoons play a delightfully cheery kind of indie pop, falling into country with Dylan-esque vocals often backed with the energy and power of the New York Dolls.

But eventually the comparisons aren’t enough to describe what went on at the venue that night; at the end of the day, music is not just about talent (though these boys have plenty), it’s also about Feeling. A Wild Feeling, possibly.

Get Ezra Furman & The Harpoons’ new album, Mysterious Power, here.

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