It seems like more and more bands can nowadays rely on the support of free and stream-able compilations from various sources who decide to feature them, to get a bit of exposure. Crash Avenue‘s bands might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have myself found more than a few quite enjoyable to listen to – a few examples being Troy Von Balthazar, Francois Peglau, and Arron Dean. The Crash Avenue Compilation Series has now been around for something close to a year, with a release every month always featuring completely different (and wacky!) artwork. The bands chosen are more often than not DIY outfits with diverse musical backgrounds, not necessarily bands that work directly with the PR agency, which is the best part of it; the CA team mainly want to share their love for music with all their fans and followers, allowing everyone to download the compilation and pay on a free-choice basis.

This month’s compilation features Geronimo!, Tiger Choir, Moonbell and Wyla among others; it is an explosion of trippy pop, dirty loud rock, wild choruses and echoed psychedelic voices; available on bandcamp, with all proceeds being donated to the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation.

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