What If You Lived At IKEA?

I have an almost worshiping relationship to IKEA. Every trip to get a couple of screws and a plant turns into me realising I desperately need this flower-print kettle, a new butter dish, a pumpkin plant and about half a kilo of scented candles. Often, family trips to IKEA (where I’d mostly be examining the kitchens in search of my perfect one) would lead me to crash onto one of the beds, a little like Tom and Summer, except mainly I’d be alone and would have no one to say the following line to: “Darling.. I don’t know how to tell you this, but… there’s a Chinese family in our bathroom.” (obviously this will make no sense at all if you have not watched 500 days of summer.)

Point is that when I saw this project by photographer Christian Gideon, I giggled a little and my heart swooned.

Photo by Christian GideonCombining a little melancholy and a lot of humor, his images are beautiful for the immediacy of the moment and for the story each one tells.

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