The Wombats @ Gasometer

The Wombats might not be everyone’s cup of tea: three boys who, after having met at music school and having played together for years (as a matter of fact, I remember a good friend from high school getting me into their music, somehow, in 2003 shortly before we graduated), suddenly found themselves at the peak of success, attracting (mostly) masses of teenage girls with posters of the two-British-and-one-Norwegian plastered to their walls. (or so I imagine)

Had it not been for the terrible sound at the venue, I’m sure I would have enjoyed myself more; but Gasometer, no matter with which band, makes my ears feel as if they were filled with cotton and any instrument on stage indistinguishable. The ‘Bats in any case put up a great show, with a particularly cheerful Tord (yes, Norwegians have my heart, and friends of friends even more so), all three seeming delightfully friendly, motivated, full of energy and sometimes even surprised by how welcome the Austrian audience made them feel.

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