Here’s a Story about Love

And about how we stood around, happy and restless, trying to figure out how to make this year’s Record Store Day worth it. The plan was that I’d meet the Ponies shortly after they’d get to Vienna, that we’d drop off their luggage at my studio before heading to Subterrarium, where we’d record a small session after which we’d be at badeschiff right on time for soundcheck, scheduled at 7pm of Saturday. As with every plan that involves Norwegians, an Italian, travelling from point A to point B using google maps and/or a car GPS, and musicians, little of our plan B stuck to the original. Let’s just say that when I finally arrived at Badeschiff at 7, looking like a technologically-advanced plastic bag lady from the 21st Century (with lots of equipment to be carried around, I should reconsider my love of Viennese Public Transport), My Little Pony had not yet arrived, and with a gig scheduled four hours later I was starting to get slightly worried. Finally, the van pulled up in front of the boat, and after unloading, setting up and soundchecking, everyone was ready to macgyver some secret session goodness, filming straight from the phone, telling stupid jokes and, of course, me almost falling down the stairs – not like anybody noticed. Here’s the result.

A couple of beers and a few hours later, the Ponies made their way to the stage among a happy dancing crowd at the Candy Club, shortly after midnight. I’d never seen them live, and this was their very first time playing in Vienna. My Little Pony mostly write songs about love, though the odd number about a famous icon of the mid-80′s (MacGyver Blues), Social Media (Do You Love Me Or Am I Just in Your Network?) or death (I Don’t Know pt. 1) have made their way into their back catalogue, never falling into sadness, always keeping it real twee. As they hit the first notes, I knew everyone would be dancing along – as it happened with A Song For You when a few couples started waltzing on the dancefloor – and probably humming a couple of the songs on their way home; their music is catchy, unbearably sweet and gets stuck in your head easily. Sadly, part of the audience was also rather drunk by the last encore and started to get rude and speaking over the quieter songs; nevertheless it was a good show with lots of energy and my honey-ed heart would have easily asked for more.

You can get My Little Pony‘s double single A Miracle / Stories About Love – released especially for Record Store Day – here!

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