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I have just found out that Michael Azerrad – journalist who worked for Rolling Stone, Mojo and Spin, wrote the world-famous Nirvana Biography Come As You Are, and was present at By:Larm 2008 in Oslo where he gave an amazing speech about hardcore and punk music in the 80′s – is in a band! They are called The King of France, and I am going to check them out now. According to, they should be similar to Rogue Wave so chances are I’ll like them. Right?

This afternoon, armed with sunscreen and a lot of water, I finally got around to opening that copy of Rolling Stone I got a few days ago. I indulge in that and Rockstar (favorite italian music magazine that I’ve been following for ten years now) only a few times a year mostly because music magazines have about 50% of their content relating to music, nowadays. So most of my music-discovering I do by myself, without the help of radios and such. Blind searching, random clicking, and word of mouth. Well in this month’s issue, there were good / okay-ish reviews of the new Röyksopp (which I’ve heard way too much these past weeks), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Neko Case, The Whitest Boy Alive (good memories of Bergen and seeing Erlend Øye walking around town semi-drunk or just slightly confused), Beirut, Women and (!!!) Bat for Lashes records. I’ve flown over a few of those, I guess I need to grab Two Suns and start again, because she didn’t get me at all. Same thing for Wildbirds & Peacedrums, who by the way could be getting my full attention on thursday at their gig with Hjaltalín (I still give chances to bands when they play live, if people tell me I should) if it wasn’t for God is an Astronaut playing on the same night. Asobi Seksu’s Hush got a 2.5/5, which was fully deserved. It spinned once or twice in my player until I pressed on stop and listened to Citrus instead.
There was a feature about Willie Nelson and for some reason that reminded me of (yes, the human mind is mysterious indeed) Nicolai Dunger, so the second I finished the article I put on Tranquil Isolation. Long time not heard. I bought that album after hearing This Town, which, by the way, I had on a tape and also on a cd, but both are lost now, I’ve been frantically looking for this song all over the place.. It’s so sad when stuff like that happens.
In two days I am going to see Everton again (yay!) and rika (who haven’t caught me much yet, I like it, but I don’t adore it), and other cool bands, thank you dendritic shows! Bon Iver has been overplayed here lately. Tonight I am listening to Statistics – there is something quite dreamy and intense about them. I’ve also been reading the Ex Nihilo Vox blog quite obsessively, it’s full of very interesting reflections about the world that surrounds us. and it’s in french. I really miss France a lot lately. Have I already mentioned that two of their beautiful songs can be downloaded for free on right here. Go and check them out! quick quick!
I’ve just seen that another couple of free shows might come my way this weekend. A really quite lovely singer-songwriter from Portugal called Noiserv is playing on friday and saturday in Vienna. Let’s see what these portuguese kiddos can do! (When I was in Portugal I didn’t get around to seeing a single show… I was this close to checking out RENTOKILL in Lisbon, but we missed each other by two days. sad.)

That’s all, or enough, for today. I am going to drown in some very sad emo music now.  goodnight.


  • Saldly, The King of France disbanded a year or so ago. You can still get their great self titled album, but you won’t be able to see them live. Michael is now playing drums in a band called Golden Bloom, who’s debut full length is coming out in August.

  • thanks for the info. I did get the feeling from the page that they might not be playing together anymore but I wrote that entry sort of quickly and gave the band a listen last night.. oh well that’s too bad. I’ll be checking out Golden Bloom though.

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