CODY: Interview

If Ryan Adams had been born in Scandinavia and had founded a Danish collective instead of getting together with the Cardinals, he could have possibly sounded like CODY, an Americana band stranded in the gorgeous city of Copenhagen, among balconies, snow storms, and Tetris games.


Why “Come On Die Young”? You don’t seem like the “it’s better to burn out than to fade away” kind of band..
It’s actually a reference to Mogwai, one of our lead singer Kaspar’s favourite bands. It’s one of their titles. And we do intend to keep the fire burning!

You’ve recently played SPOT ON DENMARK in Vienna, how was the atmosphere different from, for example, the one in Switzerland? What about the other bands you shared a stage with?
Yes, it was a very nice evening. In Switzerland we played at the Montreux Jazz Festival, a huge festival with an amazing history, so it was totally different. Big machinery, big place, but there was a nice vibe going on with the audience. Like there was in Vienna, where it was just a smaller venue, more indie. Both Sleep Party People and Vinnie Who (the other Danish bands) are friends of ours and we love their music! Kaspar (lead singer) and Casper (drummer) in Cody also play in Sleep Party People by the way. Big Danish family …

And are you generally more inclined to play a festival or small venue? You played at Roskilde but also did a session in a submarine..
The two situations are again totally different, and one of the good things – if we may shamelessly say so – is that Cody and our music adapt so well to all sorts of locations and crowds. We’ve played very intense all-acoustic living-room shows, where all the acoustic instruments get to play the main part and the melancholy thrives big-time. And on the other side there’s nothing like a good old rock kick-in-the-butt at a big festival on a big stage with a lot of noise and drums and loads of electric guitars.

Do you change instrument set-up depending on the venues you play? You’re a whole lot of musicians on stage.. I recently saw Seabear live and couldn’t believe so many of them could fit up there.
Yes, definitely. It depends on what sound we are going for on that specific day in that specific venue. It can be more or less acoustic, more or less strings, keys and so on. We’re seven people, but we’re used to being packed on stage. Musician’s Tetris!

How does a band from Denmark end up playing Alternative Country and Americana – do you feel like there is a niche for that specific type of music in your country?
Maybe not exactly a niche. It’s just the kind of music that we like ourselves. And we don’t try to write a certain ‘genre’ of music. The same song can actually be played more ‘rock’ or more ‘country’ according to the set-up. Main thing is still just the songwriting, the compositions, a good melody and a nice line. And in many ways we still see ourselves as some sort of a pop band.

And while we are at it, what is the most irritating music comparison you’ve read or heard about you? Another Year for example sort of reminds me of Midlake, I’m not sure if you like hearing that…
Difficult one! We can’t really think of any seriously annoying comparisons. Well, there could be hundreds, but people are usually quite nice to us.

What was the coolest place where you ever performed?
No, the question should be: What was the COLDEST place! Because that was just a week ago in Copenhagen, where we played for the Danish Balcony TV on a balcony, during what to us seemed like a snow storm. Check it out. It’s probably gonna look like ‘Last Christmas’ in Copenhagen, just much less cheery!

If you could share a stage with any musician or band who would it be?
Should we say Neil Young?

When can we expect a new album and how different is it from Songs?
We’re working on it and hope it will come out within a year. And it’s gonna be different, but still very Cody. That’s probably the only thing we can say by now. And it’s gonna be nice as well!

And lastly, do you have any secret tips of great up-and-coming Danish bands we don’t know out here?
Sure. For instance, check out Copenhagen Collective, which is more or less our Copenhagen-based musical family. They’re all great musicians and friends. Sleep Party People, Alcoholic Faith Mission, Hellraiserten, Monkey Cup Dress, Before the Show, Stærosaurus, My Name Is Legion, From Sarah.

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