josh woodward – or the philosophy of free music

I’m not so sure how I found him. Maybe browsing through a couple of bad indie rock singers on the internet, or following link after link as I tend to do when boredom kicks in on a sleepless night. The point is, Josh Woodward uses the World Wide Web to his advantage: offering his music for free in exchange for a little publicity – which is, actually, not even required. And to answer the question on the tip of your tongue: no, he isn’t some rich pseudo-bohemian folk singer who has nothing better to do and too much time on his hands. He’s passionate about what he does, has an incredible amount of music to share and, guess what? It’s not even close to being bad : )
here’s some of my favorites:

I’ll Be Right Behind You, Josephine
She dreams in Blue
I want to destroy something beautiful

enjoy the free music!

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