the bittersweetness of break-ups

And I’m not talking about love, here. Yes, love break-ups are sad, but eventually you get over it. Whereas a band not existing anymore (and 15 years later getting back together to make some extra cash, but that’s another story..) is utterly unbearable. Especially when they make amazing music and feel real, like Thousandaires.

I got the news of Thousandaires breaking up less than an hour ago (this is what the twitter timeline is really for..) and my world crashed. I’m not a huge fan, but the first time I listened to their Land Seal demo it absolutely blew my mind; three songs filled with desperation and hope, unlike anything I’d heard before and at the same time so terribly familiar, like old childhood friends you’d forgotten about. Of course you’ll hear some influences: Hot Water Music, Get Bent (not surprising), some Jimmy Eat World, and maybe even Christie Front Drive and Mineral and Quicksand and New Found Glory and a million other bands that made pure, hard, loud, and sad punk and emo music.


We’ve been having trouble sleeping.  We’ve all tied a rope too long or too weak.  Let’s not write stories.  Let’s engrave a marble observation,  a composite of concurrent conditions, let down by birthday candles and nudity.
- Every Soldier


Of course, this might not even score your heart; you might not feel anything, but I feel everything in their music. The disappointment of broken friendships, the burning out of memories, anger and love, “auspicious dreams and failure”.


Line up a hallway of school kids with their books in belted bundles. Knock every book from every trembling hand. Win ourselves a contract to pick them up again. [..] Twenty years from now we’ll be watching films about today. We’ll swallow popcorn and unanimously agree on all the mistakes we’ve made.
- Memos


But here’s the upside, the sugar to make you swallow the medicine: Thousandaires are heading out to Europe for one last tour before they call it quits. Dates and venues aren’t fully fixed yet, but you can check back on this event page.


Both EPs (Land Seal Demo & Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot) are available as free downloads from IYMI. You can also buy the 7” from Salinas Records & Yo-Yo Records.

♫ Thousandaires: Charitable Contributions

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