Not a diary

I had my creative writing class yesterday afternoon. It was good to let go of some things in there.
This week’s task was to pick an object that was special to us, and describe it to our partner while s/he was taking notes. That person would then make a short piece with the material collected.
Mine was this:

“Not a Diary

No skipping pages in the night.
August is like a Bible;
A safety net for special things – in bed
When your heartstrings break,
A new life is dangerous.

I think it was the most ‘avant-garde’ of them all, along with this half-performative thing a guy did. He seemed like this nerdy, quiet, interesting kind of guy and his piece was about ‘doubts’.
I really like this class; I am so stuck with my writing at the moment, and so learning writing techniques is pretty good. Also, there’s an open mic on friday night at Cafe Kafka organised by the Labyrinth poetry group. I really want to go to that; I hope I don’t chicken out. I’d really like to read the Comet piece I wrote this summer.
Little side story: I just found out that one of the poets from the poetry group is this flute player who rehearses with my dad once in a while. it’s an insanely small world!

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