ViennaFair 2009

I’ve got a weird relationship to the Vienna Art Fair – and to fairs in general. First off, I hate the amount of people there are all over the place. I get claustrophobia (or rather, agoraphobia I suppose) just being there for too long. Second thing, I really dislike the business part of art. I find it sad that DIY is getting lost – but maybe I am still young and idealistic, and things will change in a few years.
But the thing I dislike the most about this particular fair is the memory I have of it.
Years ago, we were supposed to work on a ‘collaborative project’ with a canadian artist whose name I shall not mention because she is definitely not worth mentioning. 5 or 6 students from our department were chosen to work on that; I was one of them. I accepted the offer. Big mistake. It turned out that “collaborative project” meant we had to run around like madmen working 15 hours a day without getting paid. I would have even been okay with that (I’m open to new experiences, you see..) if it wasn’t for:
1) the fact that I got behind schedule with the group exhibition I was going to be in at the time – which would be opening one or two days after the ViennaFair would
2) the fact that after we spent 6 days working for that awful, unfriendly stuck-up artist, she didn’t even have the courtesy to remember our names. Or even to ask for them, for that matter.

So anyway I promised myself I would never do something like that again.
…which is why I will be working at the Fair the whole week, filling in for a gallery owner who I have been in contact with electronically for almost a year, who’s been interested in wanting to see my work and who has a gallery in Venice and another one in Rome.
I’m sort of looking forward to it.
partly because that will mean business. Also, I need anything and everything – especially gallery experience and good recommendations – to get to work, out of this bubble I seem to be stuck in.

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