Hares versus Bears

There are a lot of great bands with animal names. Hell, even a lot of great tracks with animal names (songs by Mew and Walter Schreifels, by the Antlers and the Get Up Kids, by the Shins and Yo La Tengo). One of those is by the Glasgow-based band Dear Mountaineer: The Hare Versus the Bear, the first single  (with beautiful cover art!) from their debut album, due for release sometime in the near future. Starting off with an a capella chorus, after guitars and drums kick in the female and male voices go shooting off in different directions. Throughout the whole song, playful like sandbox-mates, the voices interlace and tangle, coming together before falling apart again. Vaguely resembling indie pop wonders My Little Pony and at times even Dear Reader‘s addictive melodies, this track is the little ray of sunshine on a gloomy winter day.

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