Luke Leighfield Christmas Feature

I truly can’t escape Christmas. I’ve tried to be good this year and to not listen to any insane Christmas music or not endlessly write about Christmas albums and singles (though I’ve done way too much rambling about Christmas decorations, baking, and the like) but this is just TOO GOOD TO BE IGNORED.

As you might or might not not, Luke Leighfield is insane. He is also hilarious. (He also snores but shh don’t tell anyone) Anyway, apart from the whole recording-a-Christmas-Single thing (it’s called I’m So Confused by Christmas and it’s really rather sweet and makes me blush because I’m one of those matching spoons people living in a bubble.. maybe), he also did a rocking, fantastic Christmas Living Room Tour. There’s a diary of it obviously, which you can read here. Please refrain from LAUGHING OUT LOUD in public, thanks.

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