Chris Garneau: Birthday Post

My dear coconut (known to many as Chris Garneau) is a November baby; sadly for him, a couple of days before his birthday, he happened to lose his passport in China – meaning being quarantined (again!) there. I bet no one got him a birthday cake. So when I found out, I promised to bake him cookies he’d get when visiting the Vienna Blue Bird Festival. For reasons I shall not explain right now, I was invited to the super-secret they shoot music session which was to take place on Friday, in-between sound-check and his performance; and for reasons I shall also not get into, the shoot was cancelled an hour before it was supposed to take place. I had planned an especially lovely belated birthday surprise for him, so I managed to get the cake backstage somehow (thanks to the great blue bird team). I jumped on the occasion to say a little hello to him, and after big hugs and things, he invited me to join him and Siegfried (tour manager of aceness who I’d met in Paris last year already) for dinner, with a couple of girls from the crew. As we left the restaurant, it started snowing, which was truly truly beautiful – a little time off before the busy evening to come. The following hours were spent fighting our way left and right of the stage trying to get good shots, while Chris jumped in-between interviews and his performance. Came the end of Blue Bird day 2 (which I’ll write about in detail later) and finally, the cake! I shooed C away while I was setting up the candles on his cake, and once he saw what I was holding in my hands, he went a little insane. Seems like the chocolate cake with geeky icing was enjoyed by all.

If you’re a C G fan you’ll know which album cover this is


“You’ve outdone yourself this time, sweetheart” said brooklyn boy

And here is the happy bunny with his cake. (bad picture! but as a photographer I still would have felt bad taking out my camera and taking pictures of people backstage, as I didn’t even have a pass, so I just went for the iPhone. stupid, I know.)

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