it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter.

So recently a lot of things that have been recommended to me were exactly was I needed/wanted and somehow worked perfectly, either with how I was feeling or with the weather or, simply, managed to make me feel something, to make me want to listen over and over and over again. Well, there you have it. The suggestion to listen to sleepmakeswaves little over a month ago was definitely a good one; considering that the album is a post-rock one, meaning instrumental, meaning no gorgeous lyrics to drool over, I feel quite the improvement in my sudden ability to take post-rock for what it is and truly truly enjoy it.

So, dearest readers, I present you with a band from Australia, miles away from the crushing summer that leaves you dumbfounded. In Today Already Walks Tomorrow is a soundtrack for autumn quietly turning to winter;  full of warmth with its simplistic approach to electronica, in its highs and lows it is slightly reminiscent of bands such as God is an Astronaut. Surely it is a treat for the upcoming days.. Maybe watching the beautiful movie that is Somersault in the background, with no sound.

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