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so I haven’t updated this for a while. My bad!
I’ve been busy with art and summer stuff, such as running away from the sun rays. There’s a bunch of gigs I got tickets for which I am quite excited about.. especially Ryan Adams, I have to say – it’s going to be in Munich, Germany. First time I travel somewhere by myself just to see a band.. and I’m curious to see Snow Patrol, not my favorite band, and I know that they are really hyped at the moment, but they did cover a bright eyes song at their Oslo gig so they must be cool, right?
Cat Power is doing a gig in London, and so are the Wombats, and I will miss both because I obviously am too poor to afford plane+gig tickets. well well :(

Nick Cave is performing here too. tickets were expensive like whoa but I think it’s worth it, considering it would most probably be my only chance to see him – especially in a classical music concert hall.

I went to a really small music festival while I was in Norway, (Tømmerfløtivalen) some pretty good local bands played, such as Wintermare and Jaqueline (you might be able to catch the latter somewhere in Norway, touring until October 15th to promote the new album). There was a really good atmosphere both on and off stage, so much energy coming from the bands and their audience, and a beautiful starry sky to go with that.. Overall it was a nice new experience.


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