Loose Lips Sink Ships @ Ausstellungsraum

Loose Lips Sink Ships is an open formation consisting of great local musicians that joined forces; the show I got to see a couple of days ago included Werner Kitzmüller, David Schweighart, Simon Usaty, Meaghan Burke, Mimu, and Matthias Frey and was scheduled to start around 10pm in a gallery called “Ausstellungsraum”, as the last concert of a series organised by said gallery to introduce local music to its visitors. I walked into the venue as it was still almost empty, noticing that the only couple of people around all seemed to know each other and the couple of musicians who were already there, chainsmoking on the couches, discussing this and that. By the time the band took the stage the venue was nicely filled up.



The only musician out of the formation I’d never witnessed live was Mimu; a tiny, somewhat nerdy-looking girl who stayed disparate from the rest all along, singing solo only once, filling the open space of the gallery with her clear and delicate voice. What a pity that most of the time, she sang in the background, her voice often covered by Meaghan’s more potent, blues-y deep voice. I’d seen David and Simon both perform with Werner, backing up his incredibly slow, intense sad songs with guitars and chorus lines, Meaghan Burke (who has recently moved back to the US) as a guest cellist on a screamo-drum’n'piano Scarabeus Dream performance, and Matthias Frey a hundred times maybe, as Sweet Sweet Moon. The concept here was to have a setlist of 30 or so numbers and allow each musician to be in the spotlight at least once, playing his/her own songs. There was a laid-back atmosphere as the artists passed the microphone around, switched seats and instruments, stopped in the middle of a song because lyrics were forgotten or a giggling fit couldn’t be stopped; as songs by both Lady Gaga and Magnetic Fields were sung and as the musicians tied in awkwardly jolly texts about elephants and cut off hands and murders with desperate, heart-sickening love songs. Definitely one of Vienna’s best-kept secrets, this group of talented friends will make your heart flutter.

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