On gray days and Tea Parties

Saturday morning, 8 am. My bedroom door quietly opens and a ball of fluff tiptoes all the way to my face, where she proceeds to sniff my nose before licking my cheek. I inconsistently wave my hand in her direction, my eyes still half-closed, and as I turn from my left side to my back, I open my eyes. The skylight window is a frame of gray. Oh, well. It’s Saturday, the cat wants her food and I’m yawning. Saturday sometimes means the start of the weekend, but more often than not it also means, “finally some free days to catch up on work”. It’s one of those today; and with this weather (and this temperature) I’d rather stay in bed and read a book.

Funnily enough, I’m managing to work my way up the to-do list, while making other lists (cute ones) to keep me entertained. Let’s do this, then. In-between my rediscovered obsession with old fashioned teacups, and dark dark slow music; with a fluffy cat on one side and a sketchbook on the other. Hello, weekend.

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