Goodbye August!

(a little roundup of what I should have blogged about, but didn’t)

1; making plans
Angus & Julia Stone are coming to Europe in November. The closest they will be to Vienna is Munich, and I’m very set on going. There just isn’t any other alternative.

2; new and old releases
My mailbox, heart and ears were filled with Natureboy, Shoes and Socks Off, and Cold Mailman. They’ve been on a list for ages because I don’t want these releases to go unnoticed; acoustic-ey and honest for the former and poppy and easy for the latter, every time I had a change of heart, I had music to back it up with.My friend Toph – aka Trouble Over Tokyo is also releasing his new album very soon, and the little I have heard of it (sadly I didn’t make it to the pre-release, listening party) is super-gorgeous. The new Azure Ray is lovely, and Bad Books have a rockin’ single. On another note (sort of), Rocky Votolato recorded a session with Daytrotter, you can listen to it here.

3; quiet days..
..spent reading (mostly in Starbucks sipping a soy latte and stopping once in a while to observe people). I’ve bought piles of books, I’ve reorganised my books, I’ve thought about my books, and now that I have just finished so many ways to begin by jon mcgregor, I really think everyone should know about it, because his writing is beautiful. that shall come, eventually.

4; internet love!
I love the internet SO much. I can waste millions of hours on it! which is why I am going to post this video, which is one of the many that have been taken at the Chris Garneau concert in Paris I was at last year (La Maroquinerie); this song is a Jenny O. cover, and I am in love with it.

seriously.. absolute gorgeousness, or what?!

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