Weekend full of music

That is how I enjoyed my last couple of days of ‘freedom’. I spontaneously drove to Carinthia with little lion girl last weekend, on Friday at noon to attend the Acoustic Lakeside Festival, which had a pretty cool line-up of local and less local bands, including NADA SURF which is one of my favorite favorite favorite live bands of all-time because they always put me in a good mood… but I’ve said this a million times already. In fact, here she has already pretty much summed up our insane little 24-hour trip, and there’s little that’s left for me to say. She was right about everything, from me getting into a fight in the Nada Surf front row (okay, I wasn’t actually the one fighting, but I was right in the middle of it, because some drunk girl kept trying to push me away from my super excellent first-row spot, was waving her arms around trying to hit me, and finally made my neighbour lose her mind, which resulted in a cat fight with me getting badly bruised. concert battle scars!) to us waking up in the house of a stranger – in our bikinis, she failed to mention – with the Deckchair Orange boys next door, a very grey sky, and Santa Claus and his wife staring at us. all true! We did drink more than our hearts livers allowed, (12 hours straight with no food and little sleep) but it was all for a good cause. As a matter of fact, when the Deckchairs pulled us away from the dancefloor BY FORCE as we were dancing idiotically to some electropopindie-something, I’m pretty sure we were the most sober ones within a two km radius.

Daniel Lorca

Clearing the haze in our heads the following morning was hard; it’s a good thing we had Bright Eyes to keep us company on the long drive back to Vienna, just on time to get a couple of things sorted out before the amazing Jónsi gig at Arena that night… but that is another story…

See more photos of the festival here.


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