Yellow Brick Road

I feel like a little bit like a fool, with all this Angus & Julia Stone obsession that has been there for 6 months and won’t go away. Also, tonight they are playing a free gig in Camden and my heart is in so much pain that I can’t be there, I am almost dying. Heartbroken. On top of this, my drinking friend and one of my favorite people to hold hands with (no joke, haha!) Chris Garneau is doing a show in London tonight too. So the English capital, my friends, is apparently the place to be..

Just to put a little more salt on my wound, I’m going to post an awesome live video of their amazing song Yellow Brick Road. The E-guitarist is super good, and don’t forget that the A&J Stone drummer is Matt Johnson, yep yep yep, Jeff Buckley‘s drummer. So THERE. AMAZING, I tell you.

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