day 11; a song from your favorite band

Back when he didn’t suck, Conor Oberst was amazing. Every time I thought of him, I did a big huge swoon. He accompanied a lot of my troubled teen years, especially the awful nights and really dark days. I think the first time I saw him live, even though I was in a fucked up (abusive) semi-relationship I didn’t have the strength to get out of with someone I despised and completely drunk on gin, was one of the most beautiful days of my life. Most of his music was unbearably depressing, but some of it made my eyes gleam with hope (yes I’m going all fangirl now) and though I might have actually grown out of it now, but a tiny bit of my heart still beats for Bright Eyes. Here’s a song that really reminds me of a train ride from London up north (to Lincoln) and of the insane weekend that ensued. (Also, the video is super cute.)

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