London Days..

London! I am falling in love with this city every single time a little more.. Partly because I feel that there is so much to see, so many people to meet, a different air to breathe; and partly because anywhere but Vienna was a good start, at least for a couple of days. I was obviously thrilled to be getting back (especially to lovely people and a Luke Leighfield show) but also slightly sad to be leaving things behind. I’m too sleepy (and ill! awful) to be writing up an insane account of everything that happened in the seven days I was gone; I shall make a list now and maybe I’ll be a little more detailed later..

* witnessing juvenile theft on my first day
* failing at meeting half of the people I had planned to see
* going to the Radha-Krishna temple in Soho for the first time
* meeting the Kula Shaker singer at the temple!
* putting up the ugliest tent of the festival at Winterwell
* meeting a boy who’s half-boy, half-cat

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