busy days, sigh, summer rain

I’ve been a terrible updater.I’ve got a bunch of things lined up such as a destroy munich show review, lots of photos from our crazy screenprinting session for Ausser Betrieb, and just daily tales from outer space. but as my wordpress is not so iPhone-friendly, and lately all I am doing is waking up-work mails-university-no time for lunchbreak-running to work-back to university or to a meeting-coming home exausted at 1am; and again… with slight changes according to schedule/classes/work shifts, it’s become a little hard to update. I am finding relief though in writing gig reviews in the bus or subway on my way to the store to buy paint or frames or lights for the exhibition… it’s very soothing. However all of this shall change around mid-may. I hope. in the meanwhile I will leave you with a kickass Cats on Fire song to dance around to in the summer rain (yes, it’s sunny but raining here… and hot… crazy!) and promise you the moon, and more updates coming soon. yep.

Oh and also, as of today I’m officially part of Team Lazy. that’s right, baby!

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